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Psychological Writing

From time to time, the urge takes me to write something about psychotherapy. Some of these are offered here for general consumption.

Couple therapy

Love's great service: Thoughts and a case vignette of couple therapy

This article explores a case vignette of couple and marriage therapy and sheds some light on how I sometimes think about couple therapy. Read the full text.

Dreyer Kruger

An Interview with Dreyer Kruger

Dreyer Kruger turned 80 in April 2004. He says he’s waiting for death but death doesn’t want to come". He also mentions that his memory is ailing. I interviewed Dreyer in late 2004. Read the full text.

ADHD boy reconceptualised

ADHD and the myth of the warrior daimon

I briefly review James Hillman’s (1997)notion of the "daimon" and illustrates its use as a guiding metaphor in the therapy of Attention Deficit Disorder. I hope that it is clear although I suspect that it needs the supporting bits and pieces to make any real sense. Read the full text

A solo yacht

Three lenses and Borderline Personality Disorder
Towards a narrative metaphor

This paper was first presented at the academic forum of what ws in 1995 the East London satellite campus of Rhodes university. It describes three alternative conceptualisationsof Borderline Personality Disorder and illustrates them by way of a case example. Read full text.

IS love enough

Is love enough: Into the darkness or Why is this so sore?

This was first published in the short lived "Open Mind" magazine. It's a short offering about what makes love hurt so much sometimes. Read the full text here.

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